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About Baloney

This company was formed by Marissa Landy in 2018. 
We strive to make work that tackles difficult and sometimes sensitive subject matter through the form of absurd comedy. We work to make uncomfortable subjects accessible as a means of sparking conversations. With influences from Samuel Beckett to Fawlty Towers, Baloney Theatre Company will always offer you a ridiculous time.
Marissa Landy is a graduate of Queen Mary University of London where she gained her BA in Drama and her confidence to write. She is also a graduate of Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts with an MA in Musical Theatre.

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A Non-Emergency

Current Project 
Edinburgh Fringe 2022 - TheSpace @Venue45 22nd-28th august
Shortlisted for the LET Award

This dark comedy follows a day in the life of two ambulance care assistants. Riss and Aadam transport 5 different patients, each with their own uniques personalities and amazing stories to tell. 'A Non-Emergency' displays the strain on the NHS right now and aims to help raise wages for ACA's who are earning under living wage. #RaiseWagesForACAs
Starring: Paulette Harris-German, Tafadzwa Phillip Madubeko and Marissa Landy

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19th - 24th August, 11:05am (1hr)
theSpace @Surgeons’ Hall Haldane Theatre,
Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9DW, UK
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“The best demonstration of humanity that I have seen at the Fringe this year”


Begonias (A Short Self-Isolation Play)

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Begonias 2.0 (A Short Self-Isolation Play)

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Past Shows

Same Old Same Oldies
Edinburgh Fringe 2018

What do you get when you place three Northerners and Southerners in one nursing home?

A bloody barney!

Three British Northerners and Southerners residing in one nursing home. How could they possibly get along? Brimming with awkward disputes and one particular loud mouth amongst the group, these oldies always find something to complain about. A cup of tea may define you in this house. Whether they make you laugh or make you cry these colourful characters will find a way to touch your heart. Sit back, relax and watch the barney unfold.

Written and directed by Marissa Landy

Cast: Kyle James Murphy

Eloina Haines

Melissa Rutnagur

Brontë Kazim

Hannah Burke

Jennie Martin

Jasmine Holly Bullock

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The Cat's the Thing

Drayton Arms Theatre - 26th/27th September

Tickets found here:

Tanya is a woman with a lot on her mind. Dale is a cat with really nothing to do whatsoever. Despite their differences, these two are confined to a room with no apparent reason to stay except for a sensational event that will take place on the 25th of an unknown month. Tanya senses the event will be life-changing but one thing stands in her way. The door. Will she find her freedom? This is an absurd comedy based on the reality of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

4 ****

Liv Moul (edfringereview): 
‘raw, psychological naturalness’

‘Enjoyable one-lines swerve from desert-dry irreverence … to introspective existentialism befitting of a would-be Hamlet’

‘it’s as if her eyebrows and warm grin are pulled by a puppeteer’

‘elucidates OCD with magnetic honesty’

4 ****

Abbie McGrath (FeministFringe): 
‘an eye-opening experience … portray[ed] skillfully’

‘enlightening experience’

4 ****

Amy Toledano (Withinherwords):
‘a very exciting form of storytelling that really pays off’

‘a clever and inventive story of mental illness that comes together in an understated and intelligent manner’

3 ***

Mary Bradshaw (edfringereview): 
‘a very real and very raw show’

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Personalised Acting Reel Scenes

Our Offers

This is a service in which you have the opportunity to tell the writer which role you have always wanted to play, or the role that suits you best. They then use that information to write scenes that are personal to you and that can show you off in the best way possible for your acting reels. All you need to do is purchase one of the three packages below and then send over a completed form to the email provided.
If you are to use my scenes within a reel I ask that you only credit my name if the script is read as written. If you make any edits to the script, simply use 'Anonymous' for the writer.


1 Personalised Scene

With this offer all you need to do is fill out the form above, send it to and you will receive a personalised acting reel scene within 7 days.


2 Personalised Scenes

With this offer all you need to do is fill out two of the forms above, send them to and you will receive two personalised acting reel scenes within 7 days.


3 Personalised Scenes (A Full Reel)

With this offer all you need to do is fill out three versions of the form above, send them to and you will receive three personalised acting reel scenes within 9 days.

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Same Old, Same Oldies


'It’s Tuesday, so porridge.'  - Mavis



Wanstead, London

Thanks for submitting!

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